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Frogs into PRINCES

Image from sierraclub.typepad.com
Image from sierraclub.typepad.com

‘People have always tried to turn body language into a content vocabulary, as if holding your head back meant that you were reserved and crossing your legs meant that you were closed. But body language doesn’t work like words work; it works differently. Eye movements and body movements will give you information about process.’ (pg 47)

frogs into PRINCES, co-authored by Bandler and Grinder, and edited by Andreas, is a classic not to be missed; the perfect follow up or introduction to The Structure of Magic. Written, based on a three days workshop transcript, the book is easy to read and teach you as much at the unconscious level than at the conscious one, the key focus being to make a professional communicator out of the reader, and it works! We suddenly pay more attention to our words, to our listening skills developing our sensory acuity, to notice all we can notice and even more. The last chapter brings the idea of ‘generative change’ and presents very nicely the concept and work of reframing, with an easy exercise to be done along the page (optional). It’s a very applied read, and as we read, we see things happening in that room even if we were not at the workshop; we simply learn and whatever our level of practice in NLP, this book assists us in seeing things from another angle.

‘If you don’t explicitly make the symptom a signal to negotiate, the person’s conscious mind will call it a “failure” if the symptom comes back. When the symptom is identified as a signal, the client begins to pay attention to is as a message. It probably always was a message anyway, but they never thought about it that way. By doing this, they begin to have a feedback mechanism. They discover that they only get the signal at certain times.’ (pg 149)

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