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Resolve, A New Model of Therapy

Dr Richard Boldstad “Perhaps the most frequent criticism levelled at NLP in psychotherapy has been that it fails to understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship. I believe that, on the contrary, NLP psychotherapy has its foundation in a new and innovative framing of this relationship. It is educative and consultative rather than ‘therapeutic’. Its focus is on empowering rather than nurturing, transforming rather than merely ‘holding’.” (Resolve, pg. 194)

Resolve, A New Model of Therapy, from Richard Bolstad arrives definitely within my top ten books to read. Backing up his writing with existing research, the author presents RESOLVE, the model of therapy he created while working with many PTSD cases, where R-Resourceful state for the practitioner, E-Establish rapport, S-Specify the outcome , O-Open up the client’s model of the world, L-Leading, V-Verify the change, E-Ecological Exit process. The first chapter leads us to a nice understanding of NLP, then followed in chapter 2 by a review of the available interventions the NLP practitioner can use, and last the RESOLVE model. A very strong point of the book is the back up of information with research. NLP is often cited as non-scientific. While research does actually exist already, it is simply not called NLP research and has often appeared within the realm of the psychotherapy world; Richard Bolstad, with his book, assists in putting forward the existing data.

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