Oups... Are you serious?

The mysterious word… of dating

A good numbers of years in the English speaking world and still… incapable of swimming the mysterious world of dating… that’s me, a week before Valentine. I don’t get Valentine’s Day either. Honestly why waiting for that one day in the year to be romantic or fun loving when you have 364 other days? Part of romance is in the surprise, isn’t it? Where I come from, it seems another land far away, you don’t date people, you simply meet them, and sometimes you appreciate them, become friends, sometimes you may even become lovers, who can say? But before saying you just meet them, without an agenda. Even with love at first sight, you try leaving the agenda for later… you leave it for the surprise… Dating is a whole different story… dating as an Agenda! And I was sitting there, at the gym, with a good looking fellow who’d just happened to ask for my number… I got drowned in less than five minutes… ‘what’s your birthday?’ ‘What’s your age?’ –Yeah… I had found the trick of his first question- ‘Are you single?’ less than five minutes and already the list was scrolling behind his eyes, echoed by his lengthy string of questions… An agenda needs to be filled in. No ticking of boxes, no filling of the agenda! Gosh such a pressure when you’ve just bumped into someone… Is dating a new work skills? Just add to that the 6 months goals and maybe a five years plan. Dating in all its splendour! Dating, the word of course, means to supply with a date… and yes that’s the agenda spot on in the picture, in the date. You can even become dateable… worthy of a date? Or worthy of being dated? Who knows… soon out-dated? What about out-dating dating, for a moment out-dating the agenda, the date, the expectations… and just meet and enjoy it!

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