Oups... Are you serious?

The words we hear… recession

Running a quick Google search at the time I write that post, about 112,000,000 results pop up in 0.14 seconds, and we have all seen this word as a definite winner in our newspaper lately as well as on the radio. In the Irishtimes.com archives just about 19,538 hits and you can find similar results on the Independent.ie. But what is really that word? I am not the first person to observe that recession has its root in the word recess. Just out of curiosity I pulled out quite a few links on the internet playing on words ‘have a recess from the recession’ and some as old as 2009. Recession is the nominalisation of recess, and is somewhere simply going for taking the time of a pause, of a recess. And we do go for recess everyday, we all take a coffee on a regular basis, or a tea break during our day, and we all remembered how we were impatiently waiting for those recess while at school. How then from a positive word, recess, we built up a negative abstract word, recession… which is actually lacking details and specificity – what specifically is taking a pause just now? the economy? this is another abstract word that does not give concrete information for action. And what makes taking a pause an issue? Unless someone tells me that at last we have found the mystery behind perpetual motion, we all need breaks and rests, we all need at point to step back to assess if we are going in the right direction, taking a simple recess. Of course… we’d like to see governments, stockmarket or financial institutes taking that recess and learn something from it…. looking at past history it seems we are repeating events…  Now, the interesting point when reverting from the nominalization recession to its root, taking a recess, is how you just feel in your head the change of images, from being stuck in limbo, you are now just taking a break before going back onto business with a renewed energy, new ideas. All these… thanks to that break.