Oups... Are you serious?

The words we use…

Power of WordsI came across a few quotes from George Lacan lately, actually many quotes… it seems I even had a few books of him passing through my hands, and you know… quite a few ring a bell, like a picture I had already seen… ‘It’s a structural feature of language. It will distort whatever message we have,’ or ‘Speaking thus separate us from what we want…’ words, words they are so magical. Have you felt when you read a good novel how your reality suddenly change? How your thoughts become so close to the main characters’ thoughts, and without realizing you start talking like the character, dreaming like him or her… the last page turned, you’re lost for a while between these two worlds -your reality with you words -and the book reality you jumped as you read the scribbled pages. When it comes to words, it’s a bit like chicken and eggs…. the words we use shape our thoughts, the thoughts we have pick up our words, or is it only about images and internal representation? and what about the words we hear, the words we read, the images we see… every single of them there, like another layer around our thoughts, another layer to peel to find really what we want. Is really speaking separating us from what we want? or rather the words we chose building barrier around us? Let’s have a game then, shall we? Let’s look at those words we read, who knows… we may learn something!

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