Oups... Are you serious?

What about changing…

There are many myths in the world, and one of them is that people do not like change, they resist change… Having been living in Ireland for 12 years now, I am actually amazed on how so many things have changed in this country. I can find food now in supermarket I could not find before. Things change easily when people see the usefulness of the change. Some of my friends arrived here even before people had mobile phones, and see now… It is the same everywhere… my mother is way older than me and she uses her iPhone way better than I do… Actually, I don’t even have an iPhone. Change is actually natural, and if we are here today, it is simply because the human race kept changing, adapting, discovering new ways of doing things, being curious. When someone resist a change, s/he does not resist the idea of changing, s/he resists the actual change because there is no visible positive outcomes for it, and sometimes that positive outcome is hidden behind fears, a lack of trust, or simply a lack of understanding, maybe a lack of communication. Simply step back and breath, and take the time to see, hear or feel ‘in the long term what is the positive outcome for me, my family, my community, my world’ and trust yourself. Change is just learning another way of doing something, and we all love learning.

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