Oups... Are you serious?

Change of perspectives…

There are things I really like when I come a few days at my family place in France… the nights. They are dark, when the moon is hiding. They are bright, when the moon is shining. They are, natural without any street lights. I am not advocating no street lights at all. I am just so enjoying that absence of lights, just there, each time rediscovering the night beauty, each time stepping out in the dark. Maybe it is the peace of not having to see everything and trusting where I am? Maybe it is the curiosity of rediscovering sounds? In the dark I suddenly learn to see with my ears, and I remember those games I had, as a child, to move around eyes closed feeling the world rather than seeing it. Maybe it is just that impression of stepping in another world where more is possible? Less being seen, less is expected and more is simply discovered. Maybe it is only that… a change of perspectives!

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