Oups... Are you serious?

This year, why not…

Happy New Year to all!!! and of course with this new year, comes the race to resolutions…. why not? this year, why not making those resolutions everyday? Why waiting for this one single day of the year to compile a long list and struggle to keep at it? Imagine, this one list spread over the 365 (actually 366 for 2012) days of the year, changes coming smoother as everyday you assess where you are, where you’re going and if any new resolution is needed or now done. Would that not be easier? simply to be everyday the change you want to see in your world, and enjoying it all year long? So here you go, you have already the list you wrote yesterday and everyday you keep it in your head, and just decide if you should add something or conclude something is done way ahead of time… just everyday, and without really thinking it becomes automatic, a second nature to now find everyday positive learnings. And already you see the changes, you feel dynamic and happy, you know things are moving where you want them to go, and you smile.

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