Oups... Are you serious?

Perception, perceptions… or the story of a presentation


As I sat in my room the other day, as you are sitting now, thinking about this presentation, my mind suddenly turned blank, pondering with each tick of the clock –indeed I have one of this old fashion clock in my living room- and my mind kept pondering with each tick of that clock what does really present someone… What would you like to hear, here to tell you who I am? Is it the songs of my past? The darkest melodies of my memories? The sshhh nobody should hear? Or… Would you prefer the pictures of my dreams? All these images I paint in my future, flashing in the night or posing sometimes while I daydream… And I daydream a lot. And that’s good! I read recently daydreaming increases relaxation and creativity. Daydreaming is being in the moment, and maybe the moment, the present, as the word says it so well, is the best to present me, that person there writing this post and speaking with a funny French accent. That reminds me of a story… just about a week ago I was ordering a take away coffee somewhere in North Kildare when the shop assistant came to me with a big smile and a simple question ‘How’s your vacations love?’ ‘Fine’ I replied… there was no need really to linger on having been living in Ireland for nearly 12 years, was it? But see, right there, the present without the past leading to misrepresentation. Maybe I should step back then? Maybe it could help you to know -that I grew up the youngest of 7, 2 boys, 5 girls –that I lost track of the number of nieces and nephews I have, a long time ago –that I enjoyed every single family reunion I attended. And then, right now I become a family person, but what happens when I jump to my present? I am single. I have no children. I missed the wedding of my oldest nephew last summer and my brothers and sisters are still arguing how someone can decide to leave abroad for so long -it was to be a passing thing, a year or so at most… And then, right now I am not any more so family oriented, but what about my future… what about that house I’d like to have with a granny flat for my parents to grow old? Or the leadership coaching training I’d like to run with my niece using horses? And then, right now, I am back being a family oriented person. Is not that interesting? The past without the present and the future again leading to misrepresentation… 2/3 down the line of that presentation and I still cannot decide what really presents someone. I could talk about age, profession, skills, leisure, nationality… but these are as much elements of presentation as elements of labelling. See… I am French, and everybody believes I know everything about cooking and wine. And I don’t. I can cook, but definitely not the elaborated French style, and I drink wine because I like it, not because it is to be served with the fish, and between you and me… I even drink white wine with red meat… a true scandal in France. What is really then presenting someone? Would it help you to know that if I have to choose for a fancy dress outfit between Santa Claus and the elf, I would pick up Rudolf? It’s all about the nose and the flying! Or… would it help you to know that, what I like most when I meet people for lunch or coffee, is when they switch their mobile phone to silent mode. Maybe the answer is neither the past nor the present or the future? Maybe it’s all about what we’ve learnt from all these and what we’re doing with these learnings? But I’m like you, one person among others and I don’t hold the truth but I enjoy the discussion and who knows… the best answers maybe the ones you will simply discover as you talk and meet people.

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