NLP in the world - Interview Series

Paul An, Rebecca Zhu – Australia – NLP coaching across cultures

Let’s read more today about NLP coaching with Paul and Rebecca from Australia. Paul and Rebecca can be contacted at , where they are offering NLP coaching in English, Chinese or Cantonese, in a nutshell, NLP coaching across cultures.

Talking4good (T4g): How did you come into contact with NLP?
Paul, Rebecca: From Hypnotherapy

T4g: What NLP qualification do you have?
Paul, Rebecca: NLP master practitioner, NLP trainer

T4g: Which NLP association would your qualifications be accredited by?
Paul, Rebecca: ABNLP

T4g: Have you joined an NLP association? (If yes which one?)
Paul, Rebecca: ABNLP

T4g: What do you expect from those various NLP associations?
Paul, Rebecca: More NLP research and news

T4g: What do you like best in NLP?
Paul, Rebecca: The techniques are as easy as any primary school students can learn, and the concepts are as hard as any professors need to carefully put into consideration.

T4g: So tell us about NLP coaching?
Paul, Rebecca: When we do life coaching, business coaching etc, NLP is a good tool.

T4g: Many people question importing NLP methodology, which on some aspect is based on studying English language, to other languages. What’s your point on this?
Paul, Rebecca: No difference than in English.  NLP is not only a methodology. It’s also an attitude, so it could be applied to people with any background, cultural and other.

T4g: What about NLP methodology versus Chinese or Cantonese culture?
Paul, Rebecca: Most of NLP methodologies are very similar as Chinese traditional culture thousands years ago. Today, for Chinese people it is hard to connect with our traditional culture from thousands years ago. NLP maybe can fill this gap.

T4g: How is NLP present in Australia?
Paul, Rebecca: More and more Australian mainstream know NLP. But Chinese community in Australia still have a big job to do.

T4g: Would you know how NLP is present in China?
Paul, Rebecca: More and more Chinese start to know and learn NLP.

T4g: What opportunity do you have to meet with other NLP practitioners?
Paul, Rebecca: We have monthly meeting with other NLP practitioners.

T4g: What about NLP and research?
Paul, Rebecca: Definitely, research is important to NLP.

T4g: Any specific NLP research you would like to be involved with?
Paul, Rebecca: Yes, especially some research on NLP practical applications like stress management, career evolution, addressing health issues or relationship improvement, to list a few.

T4g: What would be your next step with NLP?
Paul, Rebecca: I guess <laughs> looking at all those NLP practical applications we’ve just listed above.

T4g: A last comment to conclude?
Paul, Rebecca: We are integrating NLP and Chinese traditional culture to let Chinese background people accept NLP easily, and that’s fantastic.

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