Oups... Are you serious?

Relearning reality… or stepping out

What about then that relearning of reality? Can it be as simple sometimes as just stepping out… and today, around Celbridge, make sure you do that with a fisherman jacket. Wind and rain… it’s a day out at the sea, right there in the street… I just hope I won’t get sea sick on the way as I wonder what fishes I could picked up there? No fish line though, but do you need one? And bang I’m there, not even two minutes in the street and already I wished I had come out with my yellow swimming suit. Am I stepping out or am I purposefully changing my reality, by giving it some new names? and by doing so am I reconnecting with the last fun experience I had at sea or just dreaming? We have to step out everyday, and it’s easy, crossing the threshold in the morning is stepping out, each step is another step out, and from there to something new or different, it’s only another step… out… out of your time, out of your temple, out of your teaching, just o.u.t! and out of your topics is my favourite. It rings like a disguised out of my habits or my patterns, it clearly gives a point just go and grab that space out there where everything can be different even if for one step.

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