Oups... Are you serious?

Fashion style…

Saturday evening… Time to join some friends at the pub somewhere in the city. I can’t wait. Ages since I had a good proper glass of Guinness. Yes, just a glass, I’m a driver, but in truth even without driving I am not a mad drinker. I had all my best nights out on fully sober night, you know when you remember the night in questions and you do not need two days to recover.. Anyway, three weeks that I had been back in Ireland, and still not taken the time for a good night out, showing off one of the dresses I got in Australia… I just can’t wait… not so much for the showing off, just the wearing of the dress and the pleasure to look different than the every day. Now, imagine my surprise, as I enter the pub and… suddenly… I’m surrounded by ‘Jerseys’. Is it a pub or at a football match? TV screens are off and no sports bar label at the entrance… Maybe they’ve turned the pub into a gym…that could explain some tracksuits on the way, unless there’s a jersey fashion show here? is there? something like ‘Be the jersey, be the local fashion style!’ still, it’s nothing like the latest trendy ‘All blacks’ one, tight and black, of course only to be shaped by 6-pack guys… hum… Maybe that’s it… the drinking more that one glass of Guinness…. the blurry solution to transform a jersey onto a sexy shirt…

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