Oups... Are you serious?

Morning Greetings…

Get up early this morning, like a good Monday morning, looking forward to the week and to be surprised by it, and bang… just like that I had my first surprise… I had ran out of coffee, and a morning without a coffee is way too slow a morning for me. Lucky enough I have a few shops closed by for this type of emergency situation, so here I went, meeting a few neighbours on the way, and a mate from the gym, and of course we exchange the traditional greetings, you know the ‘hey there, how is it going?’ and the reply most of us never listened to, though this morning, funny enough I listened to them, all these ‘Not so bad’ ‘Not too bad’ ‘Not so bad’. Waouh…. Now I am just back from some travelling and I guess I have forgotten all about morning greetings, still… after the nearly sunny Sunday we had I was definitely expecting something like ‘good’ ‘okay’ or at least ‘getting better’… but… ‘not so bad’… I am not saying everything is always pinky and rosy -and please, really please, not pink, yellow or orange yes, but pink, so not my colour- so I am not saying that, what I just know, as a NLP practitioner, is that our focus is what matters and when someone says ‘not so bad’… Guess where is the focus? and truly I wonder why would anyone want to focus on that? why would anyone want to presuppose that it is bad and could get worse? We’ve heard and heard this all over the place, we attract what we focus on, simply because this focus is directing us there. Don’t know about you, but I sure like the getting better, or the getting good and great, or the doing fine, so have fun, give it a go next time and keep at it, you will be surprised!

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