Oups... Are you serious?

Is it really ‘The System’?

I was reading some news over the weekend and come across this article about the student movement (If I was inventing a protest movement, I wouldn’t start here)  with the final ending ‘to mobilise in a broader protest against the system that created the broken country they’re graduating into’.  Let me think for a sentence here… Is that ‘The System’ that made us bought bigger houses when we did not need to? Is that ‘The System’ that made us look for a bigger car simply to have a bigger car along with the big house? Is that ‘The System’ that made us booked vacation on credit cards? It encouraged us, oh yeah! that system, and it is still encouraging us… everything in our society of consumption is telling us to look for what we don’t have rather than for what we have. Still… I haven’t read about ‘The System’ torturing anyone to sign up that mortgage, have you? I haven’t heard about anyone being brainwash into buying more than one could afford. Ok… ok… we could argue here TV, news papers or commercials are doing a good job at telling us what to do, but that’s not brainwashing unless you’re taking heavy drugs and staying in front of that TV, sleepless for several days… So it it really ‘The System’ that created that? and that system is it not us as well?

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