Oups... Are you serious?

Attracting tourists in Dublin?

At a meeting lately I heard people gathering ideas on how to attract tourists to Ireland, and of course it all spanned around finding a way to clear up the Irish sky, and making it as blue as the Mediterranean one. True it’s good to get ideas outside of the box and blue sky sometimes. Why however nobody came up with ideas based on what Ireland has to offer… one word: Rain, and indeed with a capital R as Rain can be beautiful, and Rain is one of the thing that makes Ireland unique. Some US tourists claim to be able to find 40 of more different shades of green in Ireland… without Rain, those different shades of green will not be there, like this kind of fluorescent green you may see at times on moss or grass or along road edges. When I think of Rain, I think of people joy in dry countries when Rain appears, I think of kids dancing in the monsoon, I think of how I liked jumping on puddles when I was a kid, and of course I think of the cosy pub I will soon be in, drinking a hot whiskey as I dry that Rain by the fireplace. If I was to attract tourists in Ireland? I would be publishing a book of amazing pictures of Ireland under the Rain, and amazing rainbows over country side or city… I would organize puddles races with prize giving in warm and cosy pubs… and maybe I will give free raincoat or umbrella at the airport, just to give tourists no excuses not to enjoy the best of that Rain.

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