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NLP Coaching or NLP sessions?

The key points today – NLP is a solution focused approach and NLP is a do-with approach!

What do we mean by solution focused approach? Simply that the focus is indeed to find the solution you need at this specific time to move forward, rather than talking about the past. In a nutshell and I may write more on this later, as NLP practitioner we do not need to know the past details that have led to your current situation. What we need, to assist you, is to know the emotions you experience in the unwanted situation, the reactions triggered and the processes happening in your mind that creates these reactions. Then through the session we will assess, from your point of view, what is the desired situation and what is needed to get there. The focus is fully for you to find other ways to react to the same situation in the future. Indeed an approach fully solution focused! Now what about the do-with approach? Another simple thing here, the NLP practitioner is the change agent, sometimes called as well the change helper, therefore we are here to assist you in finding in yourself the resources you need to implement the change you want, and you know what… we can’t find that solution if you are not fully willing and committed to find it!

So what the difference for you in deciding to sign for NLP coaching or NLP sessions? I would say something like the difference between signing for a 10 weeks course to learn how to swim versus going twice to the swimming pool to learn how to get confortable in the water. Joke apart. NLP sessions are ad-hoc sessions where you address some specific points that have been bothering you lately either in your personal life or your professional life. It can be something straightforward like procrastinating, you know… not starting that project you have been thinking of for ages… or like something deeper that you find difficult to share, and as you know now, as a NLP practitioner I do not need to know the full story, so you will still be able to work on it without sharing anything. Isn’t that good? Now coaching is another story, and works over a longer period of time. Traditionally when choosing the NLP coaching you agree to enter a 10 sessions program, at the first session we will review a coaching agreement, but most of all we will assess what do you want to achieve with this coaching, and the first key steps will be to list your goals and outcomes for the NLP Coaching program. The coaching agreement is quite important! it’s your promise to yourself that you will do your best, that you will be fully committed. It’s also your promise to your coach that you will do your homework. Yes, you read this correctly, homework and tasks, and these are keys to any coaching program. They are here to help you assessing your progress. Honestly… they can be challenging at some point, and this is good as you want your coaching to challenge you out of your comfort zone for you to learn the positive learnings you need to achieve your goals and outcomes. Trust me, it works!

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