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NLP and Natural Vision

Discovering the Dr. Bates method, as I finished reading ‘Relearning to See’ from Thomas R. Quackenbush, I’m stunned… it seems everything I have been told so far is not true and I am not near-sighted, I have a current near-sight vision and I can re-learn to naturally see. I can if I decide.

Maybe you know about these stories already, when working with adults with multiple personalities disorder, doctors have often found out that patients could have different prescriptions for each personalities, sometimes one of the personalities seeing clearly. I don’t need more to think.

Three key points are needed for natural vision -movement (per opposition to rigidity, seeing is movement, and static objects are actually always moving, like the parked car in front of you when you reverse your car) -centralization (per opposition to diffusion, we actually see clearly only on the point we centralize, everything around is unclear, slightly blurry, and peripheral vision is slightly blurry as well your head when reading should follow the lines to see clearly each word) -relaxation (per opposition to tight, relaxation of the eyes muscles and also of your mind, and indeed your eyes muscles are not weak, rather strong and chronically tight, the obliques muscle for near-sighted, the recti muscles for the far-sighted, and a combination of the two for the astigmatism). All about relaxation… I remember one morning waking up seeing so clearly that I thought I had slept with my contact lenses. Nope, I was just truly relaxed. How many years do I need to wear glasses to feel safe or intellectual? How many years do I need to try hard before relaxing? I decide to see, that means.

Dr. Bates method is based on the ‘3 Bs’ -Brushing -Breathing -Blinking, and is not a method based on eye exercises but on relearning to see, that is unlearning incorrect behaviour and relearning natural vision using Brushing Breathing Blinking, creating a rhythm of sight. The sway, swing, palming are not exercises. They are proper habit that one need to re-learn to correct one’s vision.

Did you know natural vision is under the domain of the right-brain? what is our society already? left… that’s right. That’s right to be right-brain, that’s right to be balanced.

I decide I have good eyes with an incorrect vision habit. Indeed we are born to see and we do it well until we are told otherwise, or until we try too hard. Maybe I could ask -‘when did I decide to hold tight to everything?’ (introducing rigidity versus movements) -or ‘when did I decide I needed to see everything at once clearly to be safe?’ (introducing diffusion versus centralization) -or ‘when did I decide it was better to forget what was far in time’ (similar to not seeing far in life) -or ‘when did I decide I had to try hard on everything?’

Vision is happening in our mind. Reality is a construction. ‘At least 95% of the process involved in seeing occur in the mind. The eyes and eye muscles respond to messages from the brain. Mental strain is the cause of blurred vision,’ wrote Thomas R. Quackenbush.

I decide that I can and the longer the incorrect learning habit I had the longer it will take, it is now a simple story of patience, dedication and commitment, all for a long-term gain. And you know what? I’ve never wore glasses in my dream, my unconscious mind knows I can see when I am free from limiting decision or limiting beliefs.

© 2011 Florence Dambricourt –

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