NLP in the world - Interview Series

Update – NLP in the world, an interview series

I know I keep the suspense ongoing… with 3 interviews about to be published and a few in the pipeline, I had to assess that my chosen method was not going to be efficient and had to be improved.

Three difficulties arose.

First: the interviewer. They always want too much information, these interviewers… and from my set of initial questions, I spontaneously added too many new ones during the interview leading to great exchanges of nearly 2 hours each. Fantastic information, yes, however this was sending the project side-track of its original intent. I had to refine the questions, really focusing on the two goals –assessing the various usage of NLP –and assessing where, in the world, NLP is used.

Second: time. I will call it the time-zone effects and in some cases finding a proper window for the interview was more complicated than anything else. It was important to add some flexibility to ensure the project could be completed in the given 12 months.

Third: language. Many of my potential guests do not have English as their first language, which means that email exchanges may be easier and more accurate than a phone interview.

Conclusion: this interview series will be either –based on interview (phone or face-2-face) –or based on testimony exchanged via emails (still with a phone call when possible for any clarification). The approach used to collect the information will be listed on the post.

The initial questions are simple and will be common to all guests. They can be seen like a simple questionnaire. Based on replies given (either email or interview) I may add a few questions to get clarification on certain points found relevant.

So stay tuned!  The first posts are to be published by this end of week.