NLP in the world - Interview Series

Coming Soon – NLP in the world, an interview series

I am delighted to soon launch my new project, ‘NLP in the world, an interview series’.

You must have guessed by now that I am indeed passionate about NLP and though I am focusing in using NLP at the individual level for change management coaching either in a business context or in a personal context, I have noticed that NLP is much more widely used. From a starting point, where it was created based on modelling some of the most successful psychotherapists (Eric Milton (hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (family therapist), Fritz Perls (Gelstad therapy), Sigmund Freud (psychoanalysis), Carl Jung (psychoanalysis) and Pavlov (behaviourism), to cite a few), Neuro Linguistic Programming, it seems, is now used in many more fields and businesses. On top of my head I can think… coaching, self-development, psychology, learning difficulties, mediation, increase of creativity, improvement in competition, leadership training and development, team building, change management (either personal or business), and in terms of businesses, I can list… education, HR, corporate, management, career advices or outplacement company, sports. And I know the list is much longer, these are only my first thoughts. Suddenly, the more I learn about NLP, the less I know… in fact, an incredibly nice felling: the world is still to be discovered. Yes the world! And what’s best then than going into this world to look for the pieces of the puzzle!

The idea is simple, a series of interviews.

The method to be used: individual interview. Interviews will have all the same format, a set of questions common to each interview, and then some specific questions linked to the way the guests have been using NLP.

The conditions to be set: finding at least one person and if possible two per country to present how they have been using NLP – identifying as many usage of NLP as possible – identifying as many countries as possible.

The steps to be followed: first, identifying potential guests who have been using NLP within their work and are willing to participate –two, have either a phone/video or face-to-face interview –three, post interviews on this blog.

The timeline to be used: 12 months.

The goals to look for: pleasure in encountering my future guests -curiosity in discovering the wider panel of NLP usage, and hearing about it by people applying it versus the theoretical knowledge of a page on a book –curiosity again in seeing how many countries have adopted NLP. Started in English, NLP is now used in French, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Hungarian and more. As many books were written with English language in mind (for instance the Structure of Magic, Richard Bandler & John Grinder, 1975) I am curious on how NLP have adapted in other languages. Has this created difficulties?

I won’t pretend with this project to find answers to all questions that could arise, I will just do my best to learn more and share it with you all. So watch this space, and let the fun begins!
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